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Mike Medrano, Ph.D.
Systematics of Millipedes (Diplopoda)

Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Biology
University of New Mexico
Museum of Southwestern Biology
167 Castetter Hall, MSC03 2020
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
Voice mail: (505) 277-4225
Email (replace (AT) with @): mmedrano(AT)unm.edu

Field and Museum Research
  • Southeastern Alaska (Inside Passage and southern islands) and British Columbia - 2007
  • Southeastern Alaska (Kenai Peninsula) - 2006
  • Society for Systematic Biologists (SSB) "Mini-PEET" grant recipient to study at the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Science with Dr. Rowland Shelley - 2005
Recent Publications
  • Medrano, M.F. 2008. Natural History and Population Statuses of Comanchelus chihuanus (Chamberlin, 1947) (Diplopoda: Spirobolida: Atopetholidae). Proceedings of the Hoffman Symposium (in press).

  • Shelley, R.M and M.F. Medrano. 2006. Nesoressa crawfordi, n. gen., n. sp., a montane island milliped in New Mexico, USA; proposal of the new tribe Nesoressini and a preliminary cladogram of the lineage 'Aniulina' (Julida: Parajulidae). Zootaxa, 1285: 31-50.

  • Shelley, R.M, C.T. McAllister and M.F. Medrano. 2006. Distribution of the milliped genus Narceus Rafinesque, 18210 (Spirobolida: Spirobolidae): Occurrences in New England and west of the Mississippi River; A summary of peripheral localities; and first records from Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and Minnesota. Western North American Naturalist, 66 (3): 374-389.
Research Interests and Current Projects
  • Taxonomic revision of the millipede family Atopetholidae (Spirobolida)
  • Phylogenetics of the diplopoda
  • Distribution/occurrence of millipedes in Alaska and British Columbia
  • Distribution of the milliped family Xystodesmidae (Polydesmida) in North and Central America
  • Genetic drift in island biogeographical populations of millipedes
  • Natural history and conservation of millipedes
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